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Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz Pedal with Octave Effect

Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz Pedal with Octave Effect

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Endless gain and retro good looks come to a high-performance guitar/bass fuzz in the Danelectro Eisenhower pedal. The Eisenhower's 2-position voicing switch (Flat-Sculpt) and versatile gain range take you from subtle octave breakup to glitchy molten fuzz in seconds flat. The addition of a 2-band EQ gives this pedal the edge over classic octave-up circuits, as do its dependable low-noise performance and compact design. Just as with Dano pedals of the past, the Eisenhower fuzz looks smashing in its crimson-colored housing with 1930s ivory radio knobs and distressed switching hardware. Whether you're looking for classic fuzz effects or modern wall-of-sound single-guitar productions, you'll find these and more in the Danelectro Eisenhower fuzz pedal.

A super fuzz for endless versatility

The inspiration behind the Eisenhower is a popular blue-label fuzz unit from the early 1970s. These vintage pedals go for a pretty penny on the used market. And thanks to known fuzz addicts like Josh Homme and J Mascis driving their popularity, the demand for these pedals continues to soar. The Eisenhower aims to resurrect this "over the top Fuzz with Super hot octave effect," adding gain and EQ controls for today's enterprising players. Does it stack up to the original? We'll let you be the judge.

Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz Pedal ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Octave-up fuzz effect for guitar and bass
  • Distressed crimson housing and ivory radio knobs
  • Loads of gain and output on tap
  • Powerful 2-band EQ controls (Bass, Treble)
  • 2-position voicing switch doubles the fuzz fun
  • Flat setting: cutting and balanced, with a prominent midrange hump and controlled lower octaves
  • Sculpt setting: glitchy, molten, and wooly, with scooped mids and boosted bass
  • Subtle +octave effects at lower gain settings