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eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe (Win Download)

eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe (Win Download)

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Electronic Software Download (ESD). This order will be delivered electronically. Customers ordering this item will receive an email message within a 24-48 hours of placement of their order with instructions on downloading the software.

eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe Windows/Mac software includes everything you need to become a great guitar player, with over 360 audio- and video-enhanced lessons and over 130 great songs. The Animated Fretboard shows you the notes to play and eMedia Guitar Method's Interactive Feedback listens to you via the computer microphone to show if you are playing the correct notes in melodies, leads and riffs. Also included are an automatic tuner, metronome, audio recorder, 1000-chord dictionary, scale-directory, and more.

Songs include ƒ??Knockin' on Heaven's Doorƒ?� as by Bob Dylan (acoustic) and Guns 'N Roses (rock), ƒ??All Along the Watchtowerƒ?� made famous by Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix, ƒ??Little Red Roosterƒ?� made famous by the Rolling Stones, ƒ??Rock N' Meƒ?� by Steve Miller Band, ƒ??Downtown Trainƒ?� made famous by Rod Stewart, ƒ??Uncle John's Bandƒ?� by the Grateful Dead, ƒ??Scarborough Fairƒ?� made famous by Simon & Garfunkel, ƒ??Ode to Joyƒ?� by Ludwig van Beethoven, ƒ??House of the Rising Sunƒ?� made famous by the Animals, ƒ??La Bambaƒ?� made famous by Ritchie Valens and Los Lobos, ƒ??Midnight Specialƒ?� made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival, ƒ??Spoonfulƒ?� made famous by Eric Clapton, Willie Dixon, and The Rolling Stones, ƒ??Jet Airlinerƒ?� by The Steve Miller Band, ƒ??Drive Onƒ?� by Johnny Cash, ƒ??Time in a Bottleƒ?� by Jim Croce, ƒ??F?¬r Eliseƒ?� by Ludwig van Beethoven, ƒ??Malague?ñaƒ?� by Ernesto Lecuona, ƒ??Touch of Greyƒ?� by the Grateful Dead, ƒ??Iƒ??m Your Captain/Closer to Homeƒ?� by Grand Funk Railroad, ƒ??Too Much to Loseƒ?� made famous by Jeff Beck, and many more!

eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method, both included in eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe, have received top ratings and honors such as:

"The ultimate way to learn how to play guitar!"

- Peter Frampton, multi-platinum guitarist

ƒ??ƒ??the program ably sets the student on the right path.ƒ?�

- The New York Times

ƒ??As the parent of a young guitarist, I wouldnƒ??t hesitate to use the program as a teaching tool.ƒ?�

- Guitar World

ƒ??Both guitar tablature and standard music notation are taught in a way thatƒ??s easy to understand.ƒ?�


"Guitar Method is the greatest because it centers around playing songs."

- Nancy Wilson, guitarist/vocalist of Heart

"One of the best programs we've seen in the music-teaching software category."

- PC Magazine, Editorƒ??s Choice

New Features in eMedia Guitar Method v6 include:

ƒ?› Expanded Interactive Feedback now provides feedback on both chords you strum and melodies you play ƒ?? helping you learn faster.

ƒ?› Performance Evaluation gives your song playing a score in either a 5-star rating system or as a percentage so you can gauge your progress as you improve.

ƒ?› Ear Training lesson chapter helps you learn to play by ear.

ƒ?› Play along with live-recorded band Jam Tracks all throughout the course.

ƒ?› Updated modern, easy-to-use, and cleaner-looking user interface.

Also Features:

ƒ?› Over 360 guitar lessons by Kevin Garry, Ph.D., award-winning guitarist and Professor of Music, cover rock, blues, folk and classical teach you to play in a variety of styles.

ƒ?› An Animated Fretboard that makes it easy to see chord and note fingerings for lessons and songs.

ƒ?› Note Tracker and Finger Tracker technology displays the notes youƒ??re playing in staff notation and on the Animated Fretboard as the guitar software listens to your playing via the computer microphone. You even see correctly played notes in melodies highlighted as you play them.

ƒ?› More than 80 videos, with split-screen views and close-ups of both hands.

ƒ?› Flash Card Quizzes that detect the notes you play into the computerƒ??s microphone to help you learn guitar faster.

ƒ?› Lessons that teach you to read guitar tabs (tablature), chord charts, and standard music notation.

ƒ?› Learn over 150 songs, including many hits that make guitar lessons fun!

ƒ?› Songs and lessons as both audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed or sped up.

ƒ?› Music theory lessons covering the circle of fifths with guitar theory lessons on intervals, constructing guitar chords (incl. jazz chords and extensions), and guitar scales. These help you learn how to play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and improvisation.

ƒ?› A scale directory of crucial guitar scales, including major, minor, blues, and pentatonic scales with recordings and complete scale fingerings.

ƒ?› Integrated guitar software tools include an automatic tuner, recorder, chord dictionary with audio playback for over 1000 chords, and a metronome to help your rhythm.

System Requirements:


  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 2.5 GHz CPU / 8 GB RAM (recommended for interactive features)
  • CD-ROM or Download
  • Internet connection recommended for online activation.