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eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe (Win Download)

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe (Win Download)

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Electronic Software Download (ESD). This order will be delivered electronically. Customers ordering this item will receive an email message within a 24-48 hours of placement of their order with instructions on downloading the software.

Award-winning Piano Lesson Software Takes You from Beginner to Accomplished Pianist !

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe includes both the award-winning eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method and eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method, a complete solution for learning piano at one low price. With over 450 audio, video and interactivity-enhanced lessons plus more than 150 songs in a variety of musical styles you get the equivalent of thousands of dollars of private lesson plans. eMedia interactive technology will have you playing in no time, by following the Animated Keyboard as the music plays, and displaying correct fingerings for any note or chord you choose.

When used with a MIDI keyboard, eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe provides specific feedback on playing mistakes, including wrong notes and rhythms. Variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks are included so you can slow down and loop sections of lessons and songs to make learning easier. Other features include a metronome, audio recorder, accompaniment tracks, and ear training exercises.

"Well planned and effective"

- The Wall Street Journal

"Impressive and thorough"

- American Music Teacher Magazine

"The thought and effort put into this application are amazing.

It is very usable, pedagogically sound and enjoyable to use."

- Douglas Matheson, Mac Smart

Features include:

ƒ?› eMediaƒ??s Animated Keyboard that lets you see fingerings for all of the piano lessons, including piano chords, scales and songs.

ƒ?› Interactive Feedback with Note and Finger Tracker that allows the piano software to listen as you play melodies and then display your playing accuracy ƒ?? a great beginner piano tool that works with both electronic keyboards and acoustic pianos.

ƒ?› eMedia Performance Evaluation technology, which highlights your playing mistakes and shows what you should have played with an overall score (MIDI keyboard required).

ƒ?› Lessons on piano basics such as how to read piano music, play accompaniments with piano chords, play piano scales, and more.

ƒ?› Over 70 piano lesson videos are included with split screen views to show you piano fingerings and correct hand positioning.

ƒ?› Songs included as both audio and MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed down or sped up.

ƒ?› Over 150 popular classical, blues, pop, and rock songs let you learn how to play piano with hit songs such as Billy Joelƒ??s ƒ??Piano Man,ƒ?� Bob Dylanƒ??s ƒ??Knockinƒ?? on Heavenƒ??s Door,ƒ?� and Elton Johnƒ??s ƒ??Candle in the Windƒ?� plus classical piano pieces such as Franz Liszt's ƒ??Hungarian Rhapsodyƒ?� and Pyor Ilich Ychaikovskyƒ??s ƒ??Swan Lake.ƒ?�

ƒ?› Accompaniment tracks for all piano songs to keep your lessons fun!

ƒ?› A piano tutorial on improvisation that teaches music theory and the relation of piano scales to piano chords to teach piano improvisation.

ƒ?› A great introduction on how to play blues piano.

ƒ?› Software practice tools include a Metronome to keep you on rhythm and an Audio Recorder to help gauge progress and share your playing with others.

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe is the perfect piano tutorial for learning how to play piano. Even if other beginner piano lessons seemed difficult, this best-selling piano software and its interactive approach will keep you engaged and get you playing quickly!

System requirements


Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

CD-ROM or Download Connection

Internet connection recommended for online activation.