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Yamaha P515WH 88-Key Digital Piano White bundled with the Yamaha L515WH Piano Stand, the Yamaha LP1WH 3-Pedal Unit, Padded Piano Bench and Stereo Headphones

Yamaha P515WH 88-Key Digital Piano White bundled with the Yamaha L515WH Piano Stand, the Yamaha LP1WH 3-Pedal Unit, Padded Piano Bench and Stereo Headphones

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The Yamaha P515WH 88-Key Digital Piano White offers piano sounds created with samples from two of the world's finest pianos, the Yamaha CFX concert grand and the Vienna-made B??sendorfer Imperial grand, built into a slim and portable digital piano. It features an 88-key keyboard with Natural Wood X (NWX) weighted keys (as found in traditional pianos) and Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) technology (the distinctive reverberation generated by a concert grand piano), and delivers an authentic piano-playing experience, great whether you're learning to play or if you are an experienced player.

The Yamaha P515WH 88-Key Digital Piano White is equipped with a built-in speaker system that delivers a clear and immersive sound for playing at home or even in small venues. There are two headphone jacks for practicing quietly, playing duets, or teaching a student. The headphones support Binaural Sampling and Stereophonic Optimizer technologies, which recreate the three-dimensional perspective of the player position through headphones, as well as a sensation that the sound is coming directly from the piano, rather than from the headphones.

The piano offers 40 voices including eleven pianos, along with electric pianos, organs, strings, and more. The Piano Room function lets you create and save a custom piano sound by adjusting the various parameters such as lid position, string resonance, damper resonance, touch response, and more. In addition to a simple metronome, the P-515 also comes with 40 rhythm patterns in a variety of musical genres for playing along with drums and bass accompaniments. An onboard recorder allows composers/songwriters to record their songs as WAV and/or MIDI files and transfer them to a computer via the USB ports.

The P-515 is integrated with the company's Smart Pianist app (available separately), which allows you to access the songs in your iOS device's music library and create a chord chart, so you can play along with recordings of your personal favorite songs. A built-in Bluetooth audio receiver enables you to turn the unit into a sound system and stream music from your phone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device.

The keyboard ships with an FC4A piano-style switching sustain pedal, a music rest, and a PA-300C AC power adapter.

Yamaha CFX and B??sendorfer Imperial Piano Samples

  • Piano sounds created with samples of the Yamaha CFX flagship concert grand piano and famed Vienna-made B??sendorfer Imperial grand piano
  • Wide selection of sounds with over 500 voices

Natural Wood X (NWX) Keyboard

  • Cut from carefully dried wood chosen specifically for use in making musical instruments
  • Wooden keys (white only), synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • Only the best wood from the finest part of the tree is selected, resulting in a keyboard that is more resistant to buckling and warping than common laminated wood keyboards
  • Escapement mechanism reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano as it goes through the let-off and drop of the hammer when a key is played very softly
  • Action has been designed in such a way that the escapement is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, like the keyboard of a grand piano

Elegant and Dynamic Design

  • Elegant, compact, and portable design makes the P-515 an attractive addition to your music-making space at home
  • Wooden accents and polished details
  • Reliable and eye-catching instrument for use live on stage

Binaural Sampling and Stereophonic Optimizer

  • Binaural sampling technology delivers a three-dimensional sound, which recreates the perspective of the player's position through headphones
  • Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spatial distribution of sound in the listener's headphones, creating the sensation that sound is coming directly from the piano, rather than from the headphones

Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)

  • VRM calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes of the keyboard, from one instant to the next, as well as timing and depth of damper pedals pressed, to recreate the sound of an acoustic piano
  • Enhanced VRM calculates aliquot (unstruck strings) resonance in the upper octaves and the full resonance of the soundboard, rim, and frame

Onboard Speaker System

  • 15w + 5w amplifiers along with a 2-way speaker system provide an immersive and authentic piano experience with a clear sound
  • Proprietary Twisted Flare Port technology delivers a clear and precise bass sound

Customizable Sound and Touch Response

  • The Piano Room function lets you create a custom piano sound for optimal piano performance

Playing Along with Rhythm Playback

  • Comes with 40 different rhythm patterns (drums and bass accompaniments) in various styles
  • Styles include Pop, Rock, Jazz, Latin, Kids & Holidays, and more

Smart Pianist App for iOS Devices

  • Smart Pianist app (available separately) allows you to control the P-515 functions with your iOS device
  • Save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time
  • Access songs in your iOS device's music library to create chord charts

Bluetooth Audio

  • Connect your music player via Bluetooth and instantly turn your P-515 into a high-quality speaker system to listen to your favorite songs