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Audient ASP510 Rack Mountable Surround Sound Controller

Audient ASP510 Rack Mountable Surround Sound Controller

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The Audient ASP510 Rack Mountable Surround Sound Controller is an easy-to-use controller designed for seamless integration with your console or DAW-based surround monitoring setup to provide full control of recording and monitoring functions in a variety of formats, including Dolby Surround and DTS. Perfect for use in surround music, film, video, and gaming production applications, the ASP510 supports three 5.1 surround and three stereo sources on DB25 connectors. The main unit has front-panel level controls for each of the six output channels, but most of the system control falls to the included remote.

The desktop remote unit, which connects to the main rack unit via a standard CAT5 cable, offers a plethora of control buttons for monitor format selection, stereo and surround source selection, cut and isolate functions for individual speakers, and more. A single knob is provided for main volume control. Other features of the system include an internal pink noise generator, a switchable 120Hz filter, and direct input of a guide track to the left and right monitors.

Audient ASP510 Rack Mountable Surround Sound Controller ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Seamless control of monitoring and record functions for a surround system
  • Rack mountable main unit with desktop remote
  • Supported formats include 5.1, LCRS, Dolby Surround, DVD, DVD-A, DTS, and SACD
  • Monitoring for three stereo and three surround sources
  • All I/Os on the main unit are via 25-Pin "D" connectors
  • Front panel speaker level controls on main unit
  • Internal pink noise generator
  • Guide track input
  • Switchable 120Hz filter
  • Remote connects to the main unit with a standard CAT5 cable
  • Large knob for main volume control on remote
  • Individual speaker cut/isolate functions
  • Monitor reference and dim levels are user-settable
  • Bypass mode for monitoring directly from your console or DAW
  • Three ways to interlock source selections - normal, lock, and gang