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Garritan Abbey Road CFX Lite Virtual Piano (Download)

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Lite Virtual Piano (Download)

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Electronic Software Download (ESD). This order will be delivered electronically. Customers ordering this item will receive an email message within a 24-48 hours of placement of their order with instructions on downloading the software.

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Lite Virtual Piano - stunning grand piano made accessible.

We placed the awe-inspiring Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano in Abbey Road Studio One, where award-winning engineers used the worldƒ??s greatest microphones and equipment to create a stunning virtual instrument library. The resulting product, the CFX Concert Grand, set new standards for virtual pianos.

The CFX Lite is a subset of the CFX Concert Grand that retains all of the expressive detail of the original by providing the full power of the Close Classic mic perspective. Today you can download stellar piano sounds at an affordable price.

A Truly Remarkable Virtual Piano

The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Lite offers you access to the Yamaha CFX, an incredible concert grand piano characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle, expressive nuances. This beautiful instrument is matched with the stunning acoustics of Abbey Road Studiosƒ?? legendary Studio One and the finest collection of microphones in the world.

  • Classic Mic Perspective ƒ?? most faithfully captures the natural tonal character, clarity and nuance of the CFX Concert Grand
  • Samples of the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano
  • Recorded in Abbey Road Studio One
  • Captured by renowned engineers from Abbey Road Studios
  • Recorded with classic mics and outboard gear from Abbey Road Studios
  • 20 Layers of detail, including seperate sample sets for pedals-up, sustain pedal down and soft pedaling
  • Dozens of presets
  • EQ controls and a multitude of adjustable piano parameters
  • Customizable velocity and dynamic range
  • Convolution reverb
  • Full and Compact versions
  • Additional convolution impulse responses (including outboard reverbs from Abbey Road Studios)
  • Timbre Effect (similates the change in timbre produced when instruments are played back at a different speed then they were recorded at)
  • Partial pedaling (requires continuous pedal controller) and re-pedaling
  • The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Lite sound library is AAX, VST, and AU compatible, and is proudly powered by the ARIA Player. Thereƒ??s no need to purchase a separate sampler.

System Requirements


  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • An OS compatible sound card or external audio device, ASIO compatibility recommended


  • macOS 10.10-10.13
  • A sound card or external audio device compatible with Core Audio


  • Multi-core processor required
  • 4 GB RAM minimum required
  • 22 GB of free hard drive space required
  • A dedicated hard drive for CFX samples is recommended, but not required
  • Drive speed of 7200 RPM recommended; SSD is preferred
  • Internet connection for installation, updates and online registration


  • A MIDI interface may be required if you are using a MIDI keyboard. Many keyboards now use USB.
  • The ability to assign controllers within your keyboard, music program, or sequencer is recommended
  • High-quality speakers and amplifier, or high-quality headphones