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Heil Sound PR30 Dynamic Supercardioid Studio Microphone

Heil Sound PR30 Dynamic Supercardioid Studio Microphone

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The Heil Sound PR30 Dynamic Supercardioid Studio Microphone is a high-performance dynamic microphone for use in broadcast studios. The large dynamic element produces a smooth response with an articulate and natural midrange, offering a sound very similar to a ribbon microphone. The size of the diaphragm, combined with a low mass and an efficient NdFeB magnet structure, allow the microphone to achieve a wide dynamic range and capture high SPLs, making it a great guitar amp microphone.

The microphone's supercardioid pickup pattern rejects off-axis noise, focusing on the sounds in front of it. The steel body and internal hum bucking coil shield the microphone, making it safe for use near video monitors and noisy lighting fixtures. An internal Sorbothane shock mount decouples the microphone's dynamic element from the body to reduce the effects of handling noise.

The PR30 microphone has a hum bucking coil, in addition to the large shock-mounted diaphragm. Electronic noises will not affect your mix when using the PR30 near PC monitors in the studio, nor near neon lights and vibration is not an issue with the PR30. The PR30 can handle 146 dB of SPL.

Ribbon-Like Sound

The large dynamic element has a smooth frequency response with a natural and articulate midrange, providing a ribbon-like sound

Wide Dynamic Range

The large size and low mass of the microphone element, combined with a powerful NdFeB magnet structure, give the microphone a cardioid pattern with exceptional off-axis rejection, and the ability to capture high SPLs while providing a wide dynamic range

Specialized Screen System

The microphone's screen system uses two different mesh screens and an internal filter to keep sibilance and plosives to a minimum

Internal Shock Mount

The internal Sorbothane mount decouples the microphone element from the body, reducing the effects of handling noise

Heavily Shielded

The rugged steel body and internal hum bucking coil shield the microphone, allowing you to use it near video monitors and noisy light fixtures

Assembled in the USA

The PR 30 is assembled and tested in Illinois