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Heil Sound PR77D BLK Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone Black

Heil Sound PR77D BLK Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone Black

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The Heil Sound PR77D BLKL Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone Black is a large-diaphragm dynamic microphone designed to provide focused directionality, full-range frequency response, and a vintage appearance for use on vocals and instruments in podcasting, radio, broadcast, recording, and live stage applications. It features a classic side-address design based upon popular RCA microphones from the ƒ??50s and ƒ??60s. Its cardioid polar pattern delivers 40 dB of attenuation 180?ø off-axis, resulting in a tight pickup area and minimized bleed.

With a high maximum SPL of 146 dB, it can handle a range of sources from vocals and horns to close-miked drums and guitar cabinets. It offers a 40 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response with a selectable high-pass filter at 80 Hz. The integrated microphone mount allows you to attach it directly to a mic stand without the use of an additional clip or shockmount. The PR 77's standard XLR 3-pin output ensures compatibility with most microphone preamps.

Heil Sound PR77D PRPL Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone Purple ƒ??Key Features:

  • Classic side-address design based upon a vintage RCA microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern provides enhanced off-axis rejection (-40 dB at rear of mic)
  • 40 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response with a slight presence boost
  • High maximum SPL of 146 dB
  • Selectable -6 dB/octave high-pass filter at 80 Hz
  • Integrated U-mount microphone holder features a 5/8"-27 thread for direct attachment to a mic stand (not included)