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iRig Acoustic Stage Digital Microphone System for Acoustic Guitar (IP-IRIG-ACOSTG-IN)

iRig Acoustic Stage Digital Microphone System for Acoustic Guitar (IP-IRIG-ACOSTG-IN)

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iRig Acoustic Stage Advanced Digital Microphone System for Acoustic Guitar ƒ?? your acousticƒ??s true tone anywhere!

iRig Acoustic Stage is the new hi-tech solution for accurately reproducting the full sound of acoustic guitars and other instruments with studio-quality sound live on stage and in the studio. The combination of its advanced MEMS microphone and hi-quality preamp and DSP processing unit provides ƒ?? for the first time ever ƒ?? a break-through solution that offers hi-quality natural sound, advanced features, ease of installation and a convenience never seen before.

Until now, getting your acoustic to sound like it does in the studio when playing on stage has been a difficult, if not impossible, task. Playing an acoustic on stage typically falls into two scenarios: using the onboard piezo or magnetic pickup system to project a fractional representation of your acousticƒ??s natural warm tone, or sitting stationary on stage with microphones in ƒ??the sweet spotƒ?� on your acoustic, dramatically limiting your ability to move.

With iRig Acoustic Stage, you no longer have to sacrifice great acoustic tone when playing live. iRig Acoustic Stage gives you the best of both worlds ƒ?? the beautiful, rich sound of your acoustic guitar as if it were micƒ??d up in the studio AND the freedom to move around without compromising your sound. Sound impossible? Read onƒ??

iRig Acoustic Stage is a patented, revolutionary digital microphone system that makes your guitar sound exactly as if it was captured with a classic recording studio setup, giving you full rich studio-quality sound on the stage.

Itƒ??s a compact acoustic microphone and advanced digital preamplifier and processing unit that recreates a studio microphone set-up providing you with all of the true character and tonal nuance of your acoustic in live playing situations. Simply clip the iRig Acoustic Stageƒ??s microphone to the sound hole, attach it to the iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier processor, then connect the preamp to your amplifier or mixer. iRig Acoustic Stage also features a ƒ??Cancel Feedbackƒ?� button that gets rids of annoying frequency feedback during performance.

Once installed and active, youƒ??ll immediately hear what youƒ??ve been missing with your traditional live setup as your acoustic tone comes alive with vibrance, warmth, depth and earthy, woody tone. If you currently perform with an acoustic-electric, iRig Acoustic Stage can greatly enhance your guitarƒ??s live tone. iRig Acoustic Stage features an AUX input with a blend control that lets you blend your guitarƒ??s current pickup system with iRig Acoustic Stage giving you even greater tonal flexibility and a roundness to your sound like youƒ??ve never heard before.

Built for the Stage and Project/Home Studio

iRig Acoustic Stage provides an enhanced acoustic sound that's perfect for live performance and recording. Getting that "studio" sound in project or home studios with your acoustic is now easier than ever. If you have an audio interface, simply plug iRig Acoustic Stage into the analog input. No interface? No problem! iRig Acoustic Stage also features an integrated class-compliant USB audio output for direct connection to your computer or compatible device. Not only will you get that fantastic sound, but you can also move around freely allowing you to get into the groove and capture your best acoustic performance in your studio.