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JackTrip Digital Bridge Virtual Studio Online Collaboration System

JackTrip Digital Bridge Virtual Studio Online Collaboration System

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Already have a USB audio device? The JackTrip Digital Bridge enables you to use your favorite digital audio device with the Virtual Studio. Just connect the bridge to your internet router and your favorite USB microphone, amp, instrument, or audio interface, and youƒ??re up and running.

Play music with others over the Internet

Sing with your chorus, or jam with your band without leaving home. Virtual Studio is a tool for musicians that enables them to produce music together over common Internet connections. It delivers high quality sound with minimal time delay, so that musicians can keep the beat and stay in harmony. It can make it sound like you are in the same room next to each other, even when you are actually hundreds of miles apart.

Plug-and-play bridge to the Virtual Studio

The JackTrip Digital Bridge provides the most flexible path to playing music online, offering excellent quality audio and support for USB audio devices. The bridge fits in the palm of your hand, includes all the software you need, and is managed using your favorite web browser. Power supply and ethernet cable included. No laptop or desktop required.

Easy to use web application

The Virtual Studio web application offers an easy-to-use interface for assembling your group, and connecting everyone together using a JackTrip audio hub server. It can also be used to manage your JackTrip Bridge, or any custom built devices that use our Raspberry Pi disk images.

High quality audio

Most other solutions compress your audio using lossy codecs, forcing you to sacrifice fidelity and harmonics for bandwidth. This sound is often described as garbled, muddied or robotic. Virtual Studio defaults to using uncompressed, CD quality audio (48khz, lossless). If your Internet connection can handle it, you can even use HD quality audio (96khz) for the best possible sound. It also supports lossy (low bandwidth) audio, if your Internet connection happens to be more constrained.

Supports large groups

The Virtual Studio service is currently being used by groups of over 100 members! Experience the joy of hearing ALL of the other members of your musical ensemble performing in sync. When it comes to scale, we haven't found anything that even comes close.

Please note the following:

  • This product is designed to work with the JackTrip Virtual Studio online service and requires registration using an online account (
  • This does not include a USB audio device (USB microphone, USB audio interface) which is necessary for use.