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Line 6 HX One Stereo Multi-FX Stomp Guitar Pedal

Line 6 HX One Stereo Multi-FX Stomp Guitar Pedal

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Aiming to deliver the power and versatility of the HX series FX in a more compact package, the Line 6 HX One Stereo Multi-FX Stomp Guitar Pedal is a powerful stereo FX pedal with over 250 effects derived from the acclaimed HX family processors. With 128 recallable presets, intuitive controls, and a bright OLED screen, you can easily find the ideal effect for your needs via a pedal that is small enough to fit into any pedalboard setup.

With the unique Flux controller function, you can adjust multiple FX parameters simultaneously over a specific amount of time, making it simple to engage in complex effect automation with a single foot press. You get extensive I/O for any occasion, including impedance-matching stereo 1/4" I/O that also doubles as a serial FX loop, MIDI 5-pin DIN input and output/thru connectors, and a dual-purpose expression and footswitch pedal input that supports up to two daisy-chained external control pedals. USB-C is also provided for storing and recalling FX from the free HX One Librarian app and updating firmware. The HX One includes a 9V DC power supply.

Behavioral Modeling
HX Modeling technology captures the behavior of analog effects devices in precise detail by measuring individual components, resulting in authentic representations of even difficult-to-model effects such as germanium fuzz and bucket-brigade analog delay pedals.
Selecting and engaging effects is straightforward, and to change effect settings you simply adjust the parameters displayed on the OLED screen using the three corresponding knobs. You also get buttons for scrolling through FX, saving presets, and returning to Home, plus two metal footswitches: one for FX activation/bypass and one for tap-tempo / Flux control.
Adjustable Input Impedance
The input impedance of a pedal determines to what extent the signal from your instrument's pickup or pickups experience resistance, which affects both tone and feel. Adjustable input impedance enables you to compensate for pickups of various signal strengths.
External Control
Connect an optional expression pedal (automatically assigned to relevant FX parameters), two assignable external footswitches, or one of each. With the MIDI I/O, you can receive program change, continuous control, and other MIDI messages from external sources.
Bypass Options
Choose between True or Buffered DSP bypass. True bypass avoids the analog-to-digital-to-analog conversion process by routing analog signals directly from the inputs to the outputs. This avoids unwanted loss of tone, volume levels, or signal integrity.