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Line 6 HX Stomp Guitar Effects Pedal

Line 6 HX Stomp Guitar Effects Pedal

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Designed for electric guitarists, the Line 6 HX Stomp Guitar Effects Pedal is a guitar processor in a stompbox format, one that delivers the sound of Line 6's Helix products. It's equally suited for playing through pedalboard/amp setups or for going direct in house and recording scenarios.

The box employs the same modeling technology and DSP found in the Helix systems, giving you over 300 amplifiers, cabinets, and effects. You'll also note the legacy effects from earlier items such as the DL4, and a built-in looper, which offers 60 seconds of mono looping time or 30 seconds of stereo.

For connections, the pedal offers stereo 1/4" I/O, a stereo send/return path, a headphone output, MIDI I/O, an expression output, and USB connectivity. The inputs and outputs can carry either instrument- or line-level signal, making the box compatible with stringed instruments and synths alike. The HX Stomp also functions as a USB interface for recording and reamping, giving you 24-bit / 96 kHz conversion for multichannel audio, as well as MIDI connectivity.

Stompbox Functionality

Barely larger than most pedals, the HX Stomp offers over 300 amps, cabs, and effects from Helix, M-Series, and legacy Line 6 products. You can run up to six modules simultaneously. Three capacitive-sensing footswitches with color-coded LED rings allow you to easily select and edit presets. Connect optional footswitches or expression pedals to give yourself even more control. You can integrate all of your other pedals into any signal's preset path by patching them into the effects loops. A free HX Edit application allows you to dial in settings, load and save presets, and more.

For Bassists Too

Bassists who use the HX Stomp can access models of Ampeg amp heads, Mesa/Boogie, and Sunn Coliseum cabinets. Effects like the Musitronics Mu-Tron III and Darkglass B7K Ultra are designed for bass instruments. You can even send your sound straight to the house PA while feeding the amp onstage simultaneously. Or, you can create two differing signal paths for more experimental bass tones.

Plays Nicely with Others

Place the HX Stomp guitar pedal in the effects loop of a third-party modeler or profiler, and you can add over 70 amps and 200 effects to your setup, including classics like the Fender Bassman, Bogner Uberschall, and more. The six processing blocks in an HX Stomp run alongside your third-party device's DSP power, so you can add six more simultaneous amps and effects. In many cases, you can even sync presets, tempo, and other parameters over MIDI.

USB Audio Interface

Boasting a dynamic range of 123 dB, the HX Stomp can act as an interface for connecting Mac and Windows computers. Adding a separately available Apple Camera Connection Kit lets you connect an iPhone or an iPad.