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Morley Hum Eliminator 2 Channel Box

Morley Hum Eliminator 2 Channel Box

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Ground loops and unbalanced signals create noise in recording mixers, keyboards, guitars, power amps, live sound, and DJ systems. No one is immune to hum, no matter how good your rig is, so when hum occurs, you need the right tool to quickly and easily get rid of it. The Morley Hum Eliminator does away with system noise and ground loops quickly and easily. Custom transformers isolate circuits, keeping grounds intact while breaking troublesome loops and balancing unbalanced gear. And since the Hum Eliminator is totally passive, it injects absolutely no noise into the signal. The 1/4" TRS and XLR in and out jacks make it easy to connect. Itƒ??s a must-have accessory for any serious studio or stage rig.


  • Removes unwanted ground-loop hum, buzz, and noise
  • Breaks ground loops safely while leaving all signal grounds intact
  • Completely passive design requires no external power source
  • Converts automatically between balanced and unbalanced lines
  • Employs custom in-house transformers to isolate circuits
  • Automatically translates signal voltages to match difference in ground potential