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PhotoScore Ultimate 8 (Download)

PhotoScore Ultimate 8 (Download)

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Electronic Software Download (ESD). This order will be delivered electronically. Customers ordering this item will receive an email message within a 24-48 hours of placement of their order with instructions on downloading the software.

Photoscore & Notateme Ultimate 8 - Sheet Music & PDF Scanning, Handwritten Entry

PhotoScore is a music scanning program - the musical equivalent of a text OCR program. It is also able to convert PDF files to editable and playable notation.

Play back and edit scanned sheet music and PDFs. Quickly and accurately write music notation with stylus or mouse. Use on its own, or with Sibelius, Finale, Cubase and most music programs.

What do people use PhotoScore for?

  • Accompaniment and guidance when practicing instruments

  • Transposing (for example to bring a vocal part into range)

  • Scanning music for use in sequencers or other editing programs; for re-arranging or extracting parts

  • Scanning handwritten music

  • Creating MIDI files to put on web pages for others to hear

  • Just for fun! With PhotoScore you can scan in your favorite song, have it played back to you, change the instruments and so on!

What can Photoscore Read?

PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate reads virtually all markings in printed music, and most in handwritten music, including -

  • 5-line staves (normal and small), 4- and 6- line guitar staves, 1-, 2- and 3-line percussion staves

  • Notes, chords (including stem direction, beams & flags) and rests (including multirests) in up to 4 voices per staff

  • Appoggiaturas (grace notes), cue-sized and cross-staff notes

  • Accidentals and articulation marks

  • Clefs, key signatures, time signatures

  • Tuplets/triplets

  • The format of the page, including the page size, staff size, margins, and where systems end

  • Slurs, ties and hairpins

  • Text including lyrics, dynamics, fingerings, instrument names, tempo and technique markings

  • Guitar chord diagrams

  • Various other markings such as codas, segnos, ornaments, pedal markings and repeat endings

  • 64 staves per page

  • 400 pages per score

System Requirements:

Windows Versions

  • An IBM compatible Pentium III (or equivalent AMD processor) or higher PC with Windows Vista/7/8. At least 512MB is recommended.

  • Free hard disk space - at least 40MB and preferably rather more.

  • Adobe Reader 6.0 or later should be installed to view PhotoScore's PDF help.

  • A scanner (probably connected to your computer via a USB, Printer or SCSI port), and installed TWAIN or WIA driver software.

Mac OS X Versions

  • An Apple Macintosh Intel with Mac OS X 10.6.7 or higher. It should have at least 512MB RAM.

  • Free hard disk space - at least 40MB and preferably rather more.

  • A scanner (probably connected to your computer via a USB, Printer or SCSI port), and installed Mac OS X TWAIN driver software (it is highly recommended you visit your scanner manufacturer's website and download the latest version - also note that classic Mac OS TWAIN drivers will not work). Recommended for NotateMe: Touch screen or tablet with stylus.