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Presonus Air15 2-Way 15" 1200W Active Loudspeaker

Presonus Air15 2-Way 15" 1200W Active Loudspeaker

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The Presonus Air15 2-Way 15" 1200W Active Loudspeaker is a versatile and customizable 2-way active sound-reinforcement loudspeaker featuring 1200W of power and enhanced digital tuning functions, well suited for live bands, DJs, clubs, event halls, bars, speaking engagements, and more. The speaker utilizes two amplifiers for the high and low frequency drivers. A 500W (continuous) Class-D amplifier powers the 15" woofer for efficient and clean low end performance, while a 200W (continuous) Class-A/B amplifier powers the 1.35" compression driver for a natural "airy" high end. Both drivers combine to provide 132 dB SPL with a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB).

The integrated and easy-to-use digital signal processor (DSP) allows you to customize the loudspeaker for a number of applications including DJ, FOH, Monitor, and Speech presets. Additionally, ?ñ10 dB of treble and bass control allows you to further tailor the sound and compensate for room anomalies. Location presets let you optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting as well as flown installations. The Air15 ships with a power cord.

Presonus Air15 2-Way 15" 1200W Active Loudspeaker - Main Components:

  • Hybrid ƒ??best of both worldsƒ?� 1,200W (dynamic) power amp configuration
    • Low-Frequency Driver: 500W (continuous), Class D amplifier
    • High-Frequency Driver: 200W (continuous), Class A/B amplifier
  • 1.35" high-frequency compression driver
  • 15" woofer with a 2.5" voice coil
  • 45 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response (-3 dB)
  • 132 dB SPL (max)
  • 90?ø x 60?ø (horizontal x vertical) dispersion pattern
  • Onboard mixer with two combo XLR-1/4ƒ?� inputs and one summed balanced output


  • Easy-to-use DSP performance presets:
    • DJ: Music playback
    • FOH: Normal front-of-house
    • Enhance: Enhanced low end for a warmer sound
    • Monitor: Optimized for floor wedge placement
    • Speech: Applications where speech intelligibility is critical


  • HF response ?ñ10 dB
  • LF response ?ñ10 dB

Additional presets and controls

  • Stand: For mounting on a pole or tripod
  • Bracket: For wall-mount applications
  • Suspend: For suspended applications

Convenience Features

  • Multi-angle enclosure for mains or monitor-wedge applications
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • 35mm pole socket with 7.5?ø downward tilt
  • M10 rigging points for suspended installation
  • Defeatable front-panel LED
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • Tour-grade, 16-gauge steel grille