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Presonus Faderport V2 Single-Fader USB Control Surface (2nd Generation)

Presonus Faderport V2 Single-Fader USB Control Surface (2nd Generation)

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Presonus Faderport V2 Single-Fader USB Control Surface (2nd Generation) is a compact single-fader USB control surface designed to deliver flexible hardware control of DAWs for producers, musicians, and audio engineers in home, project, and mobile studios. Allowing you to speed up your productions by keeping your hand off your mouse, it features a touch-sensitive 100mm motorized fader, a large 360?ø push-button encoder, and a comprehensive transport control section.

The long-throw fader offers enhanced resolution for fast rough mixes and detailed volume automation while the encoder allows manipulation of panning and plug-in parameters. Mute, solo, automation modes, and record-enable status can also be easily controlled along with window selection, play, stop, loop on/off, record, and marker access. Regardless of track count, the Session Navigator puts channel selection, scrolling, and zooming at your fingertips. Hands-free punch recording is possible via the 1/4" footswitch jack (footswitch available separately).

This control surface supports Control Link and parameter follow for powerful native Studio One control. Additionally, it provides Mackie HUI and Mackie Control Universal protocols, ensuring compatibility with Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools, and more. The FaderPort connects via USB 2.0 and is powered via the included 12 VDC external power supply. The PreSonus Studio One Artist DAW software is bundled with the FaderPort.

Presonus Faderport V2 Single-Fader USB Control Surface (2nd Generation) ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Single touch-sensitive, long-throw, motorized 100mm fader and 24 buttons covering 40 functions
  • Large 360?ø push-button encoder enables central control over panning, plug-ins, and more
  • Transport controls for record, play/pause, stop, rewind/fast-forward, return-to-zero, and loop on/off
  • Session Navigator with easy channel access, marker functions, zooming, and more
  • Solo, mute, and record-enable buttons
  • Automation mode selectors
  • Window selection and user-definable function buttons
  • Plug-in bypass functionality
  • Click on/off button
  • Seamless native support for Studio One
  • Supports Control Link and parameter follow for quick hardware access to any control
  • Supports Mackie Control Universal and Mackie HUI protocols
  • Compatible with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, and more
  • 1/4" footswitch jack for punch in/out operations (footswitch available separately)
  • Includes 12 VDC external power supply