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Presonus Revelator USB-C Compatible Podcasting Microphone with StudioLive Voice Effects Processing

Presonus Revelator USB-C Compatible Podcasting Microphone with StudioLive Voice Effects Processing

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Anyone can get a professional, radio- or podcast-ready sound with the PreSonus Revelator, a USB microphone that offers a ton of easy-to-access features to the budding game-streamer, podcaster, or YouTuber. From high-quality 24-bit/96 kHz audio to 16 easy-to-use built-in presets, the Revelator has features to bolster your voice as it travels across the internet.

Multiple polar patterns are on hand to suit the need of every kind of online content creator. 2 virtual loopback paths allow you to record not just your own audio, but the audio of remote guests as well. No batteries are required; the mic is bus-powered over USB (USB-C compatible), making it ideal for Windows, Macs, and even iOS or Android platforms, so long as you have the right connector cables for mobile. Furthermore, the Revelator comes with downloadable, professional software to hone recordings into polished results. Use Studio One Artist for your DAW, editing vocal takes and adding bumpers with ease.

Because the ability to communicate with computer-based media is so essential to today's entertainment, the Revelator offers not one but two loopback paths. You can now conference with a guest into your stream over Zoom and pitch both people to Twitch or YouTube without the need of a third-party app or cumbersome external cabling. Having two stereo loopback streams allows you to mix and record audio from two different applications on your computer, along with your voice, all at the same time. As such, the revelator is a 6x6 audio interface: 2x2 analog recording and playback, with 4x4 virtual streams for loopback on macOS and Windows.

Built-In Desktop Stand

The Revelator's integrated desktop stand, with built-in cable management, makes for an attractive mic on any viewable media.

Multiple Polar Patterns for Multiple Use

The mic itself offers three polar patterns to better suit your needs. Use Cardioid for minimizing room tone, Omnidirectional to pickup everything in the room, or Figure-8 for two-way interviews.

3.5mm Headphone Jack with Direct Monitoring

Plug your headphones into the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, and you'll be able to listen to audio from the mic itself. You'll be able to monitor without latency thanks to the built-in, zero-latency headphone amp.

Professional Audio Capture

The Revelator mic boasts a 96 kHz/24-bit converter. You'll be able to record audio with the same specifications of a professional recording studio.

Supplied FX and Software

EQ, compression, limiter, gate, and other effects are on hand. Implement them yourself or use the presets to get started. These are the same effects from PreSonus' StudioLive mixers, so you know they will sound good. With Universal Control software included, you can dive deep into the processing of the StudioLive Fat Channel, customizing the effects to suite your voice perfectly. When you're done, you can store up to four custom presets directly on your Revelator, and use them without having to access any extra software. Furthermore, the Revelator comes with professional audio software to turn your recordings into polished mixes. Use Studio One Artist as a digital audio workstation, editing vocal takes, adding bumpers, and mixing the final product with ease.