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Singular Sound MIDI Maestro MIDI Foot Controller

Singular Sound MIDI Maestro MIDI Foot Controller

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your MIDI Gear!

Want to set up your rig for MIDI control but donƒ??t want to spend hours programming? The MIDI Maestro from Singular Sound aims to change the way musicians use MIDI for live sets and practices. This foot controller has a sleek, low-profile design with 5-pin MIDI I/O, six high-contrast LCD displays and barefoot-friendly buttons that you can easily mount to your pedalboard. Donƒ??t let the sleek looks fool you, this MIDI controller has some serious power under the hood. Itƒ??s packed with presets for popular gear and is capable of sending six MIDI commands with a single press of a button. As if thatƒ??s not enough, multiple MIDI Maestros can be daisy-chained together for greater control over every aspect of your rig.

MIDI Control Made Easy

The MIDI Maestro makes MIDI easy, thanks to its intuitive operation. Itƒ??s equipped with six high-contrast LCD screens to make sure you know exactly what function the button performs and eliminates the need to memorize buttons or use tape labels. Youƒ??ll like how easy the MIDI Maestro is to program, thanks to the free programming app. It takes the guesswork out of programming MIDI by providing clearly labeled actions to choose from. Meanwhile, each preset you create has 10 active pages of commands, giving you a number of programming options. The MIDI Maestro also comes with an expression pedal input for added control over the parameters of your choosing.

Built-in presets for popular gear

Right out of the box, the MIDI Maestro works with other Singular Sound products. You can connect it to your Beat Buddy or Aeros Loop Studio and control the tempo and other parameters with no setup required. Simply select the mode button on the back of the unit, and youƒ??ll be ready to perform. Thatƒ??s not all though. The MIDI Maestro has built-in presets for other popular gear like lighting fixtures, guitar FX, and many more!

Program your own presets with your smartphone

The MIDI Maestro comes with Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to create your own presets with your smartphone and the free MIDI Maestro app. The app makes programming easier than ever before. Just tell the unit what you want to do, and it will do it. You can forget the days of searching manuals for obscure codes and convoluted programming actions!

Expression Pedal Control

As with all things in music, parameters are largely feel-based. It has an expression pedal input that modifies the value of a MIDI command. When you plug in your expression pedal for the first time, the MIDI Maestro has a calibration mode to give you perfect control. The Maestro also has Clutch Mode, which lets you reposition the expression pedal without triggering any MIDI commands.

Barefoot-friendly switching

As anyone who likes to practice barefoot or without their shoes can tell you, effects pedal switches usually hurt your feet. Thatƒ??s not the case with the MIDI Maestro though! Each footswitch is equipped with oversized buttons that feel much softer underfoot when youƒ??re tap dancing through a song. If youƒ??re the type to practice and perform barefoot, youƒ??ll love the comfortable feel of the MIDI Maestro.

Singular Sound MIDI Maestro MIDI Foot Controller ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Compact MIDI foot controller for your live rig
  • Can send up to 6 MIDI controls with one press for macro control
  • 5-pin MIDI I/O can control any MIDI device
  • Bluetooth compatibility lets you program patches and presets from your smartphone
  • Expression pedal port allows for fine control over tempo, lighting intensity, and more
  • Oversized, easy to press buttons make barefoot rehearsals comfortable
  • 10 active pages per preset give you tons of programming options
  • Beat Buddy mode interfaces seamlessly with your Beat Buddy (sold separately)
  • Aeros Mode allows you to control your Aeros Loop Studio with no setup required (sold separately)
  • Anodized Aluminum housing stands up to wear and tear