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Studio Monitor Foam Isolation Pads (Pair)

Studio Monitor Foam Isolation Pads (Pair)

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These studio monitor isolation pads are manufactured using the highest quality acoustical foam and will easily hold up your speakers without changing the pads shape.

  • Designed to fit with most popular 5" - 8" monitors.
  • High-density acoustic foam for professional use.
  • The two-component design allows 5 different angle configurations.
  • Generates cleaner more precise sound by reducing vibrations and low-end distortion.
  • Keep your studio clean look with no logo on the front.

How to setup your studio monitors for the best user experience?

  • In a studio environment where you need to mix and master your music, the optimal position of your monitors is at ear height and they should be facing you.
  • Using the Foam Isolation Pads for Studio Monitorsyou can adjust the angle of the speakers so that the sound will be directed to your ears depending on your sitting position.
  • An affordable way to improve the sound of your studio monitors. Decouples your speakers from bookshelfs, desktops or monitor stands. Foam wedges provide up to 5 tilt options, including flat. Sized to fit all popular Monitors.