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Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor

Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor

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Designed for recording and mixing stereo tracks, the Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor is Warm Audio's take on a classic VCA bus compressor, one made famous by companies such as Solid State Logic. This is a clean, stereo compressor, one quite suited to handling the dynamics of stereo instruments. It's also handy for stereo-buss work, imparting the sonic glue VCA compressors are known for.

The BUS-COMP takes a classic design and adds some nifty improvements, such as the ability to switch CineMag transformers in and out of the signal path at the press of a button. With this feature, you can opt for sonic transparency or colorful vibe with the touch of your finger.

The BUS-COMP also offers a selectable high-pass filter, a sidechain input, a useful bypass/engage switch for making comparisons, and a versatile I/O path. Indeed, you'll find XLR and 1/4" TRS terminations used in both the inputs and outputs.

Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor - Key Features:

  • All analog, 2-channel stereo VCA compressor
  • Based on legendary VCA compressor technology
  • Selectable discrete opamp stage with CineMag USA transformers
  • External sidechain source select
  • Selectable Hi-pass Filter at 30, 60, 105, 125, and 185 Hz
  • Compressor engage switch for easy comparisons
  • Performs well on stereo mixes, drum mixes, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano, orchestral instruments, voice-overs, and endless other sources
  • Can be used on mono as well as stereo sources
  • Uses THAT 2180 VCA IC
  • Provides both XLR and 1/4" TRS connectivity