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Warm Audio WA-19B Black Dynamic Studio Microphone

Warm Audio WA-19B Black Dynamic Studio Microphone

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Balancing dynamic versatility with condenser-like sound qualities, the Warm Audio WA-19 from is a dynamic studio microphone that recreates a classic mic from the '60s. With an exceptionally high max SPL of 145 dB and a variable high-pass filter with a 0 to 10 dB range, you can handle many sources, such as drums, piano, vocals, and guitar.

Just like the original, the Warm Audio WA-19 sports impressive clarity and richness in its sound character, lending the microphone well to many live and studio applications. The reduced proximity effect is especially useful with live vocals and studio instruments, allowing for a more accurate capture. The thin, pencil-style body makes the WA-19 easy to place in an optimal position without obstruction, while the rugged metal construction ensures the mic will survive tours or years of audio work within studios and live venues.

Ideal Applications

·         Drum overheads

·         Hi-hat

·         Snare bottom

·         Studio and live vocals

·         Guitar cabs

·         Acoustic guitar

·         Toms

·         Piano

Dynamic Capabilities, Condenser-Like Character

The WA-19 features a custom, hand-assembled dynamic cardioid humbucking capsule that blends the critical noise rejection of a dynamic, but with more clarity and airy top end for richer detail than most studio dynamics.

Control the Boom and Bass

The WA-19 includes a variable acoustic high-pass filter ring that cuts up to 10 dB at 50 Hz, ideal for tightening up the tone and adding upper-midrange emphasis without any electronic phase shift often incurred from preamp high-pass filters. Additionally, ventilated slots on the side of the WA-19 body reduce proximity effect, eliminating boomy bass associated with placing the mic closer to louder sources.

Easy to Place

The thin pencil-style body design of the WA-19 allows for easy mic placement in crowded studio or live performance situations where mics are on top of each other—such as when recording acoustic guitar and vocals simultaneously, tracking a whole band, or miking a full drum kit. WA-19 has a dynamic humbucking coil that helps the mic deliver elite off-axis rejection, especially in the bass/lower midrange with minimal noise, making it easy to grab tight snare bottom tones without aggressive kick drum bleed.

Hand-Tested in Austin, Texas

Like all Warm Audio gear, every single WA-19 is meticulously hand-tested and inspected by trained technicians in Austin, TX USA.