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Yamaha DFP9C Double-Foot Double-Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

Yamaha DFP9C Double-Foot Double-Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal

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The Yamaha DFP9C Double-Foot Double-Chain Drive Kick Pedal is a double-chain drive, double kick-drum pedal for right-footed drummers. Designed for pro stage and studio use, the pedal sports a reliable double-chain drive for more fluid kick movement. Its cam, placed at the bottom of the chain, can be switched into three different positions allowing you to fine tune the pedal's performance. Should you view the operation of a belt-drive pedal to be smoother to your playing style, you can swap out the chain with an included nylon belt.

A patented axle-stabilizing bearing chamber facilitates smooth action, and a low-profile stabilizing hinge provides a fluid experience on the foot-board. You can easily adjust other aspects of the kick pedal such as the beater angle and foot-board angle to better suit your preferences. Tweaking the tension of the pedal's spring is straightforward with a prominent auto-lock spring adjustment knob at the foot of the pedal.

The secondary pedal sports universal joints that include ball bearings in the axes. This fosters a smooth rotation that bolsters the action and operation of the secondary pedal. Its foot-board also sports spikes to prevent slipping. Brass and aluminum beater-weights are included, as is a carrying case.

Yamaha DFP9C Double-Foot Double-Chain Drive Kick Pedal - Key Features:

  • Quick-adjusting cam
  • Axle-stabilizing bearing chamber
  • Low-profile stabilizing hinge
  • Easy-access, auto-lock spring adjustment
  • Weight-adjustable beater with brass and aluminum weights
  • Independent beater and footboard angle adjustment
  • Ball-bearing drive connection for smooth performance
  • Anti-skid heel spikes
  • All-bearing universal joint for smooth action and seamless operation of the second pedal
  • Secondary pedal anchor with spikes to prevent skidding
  • Carrying case included