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Yamaha DT50K Single-Zone Drum Trigger for Bass Drum

Yamaha DT50K Single-Zone Drum Trigger for Bass Drum

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The Yamaha DT50K Drum Trigger allows you to produce sound from certain Yamaha electric drum modules with your acoustic bass drums. It's designed to provide precise triggering without compromising the natural sustain and feel of your kick drum. With a die-cast metal model finished in chrome, the body clamps onto the rim of the drum, as far away from the toms as you can position it, and then captures the sound of the beater striking the kick drum. Through a 1/4" phone output jack, it communicates the transient to Yamaha drum modulesƒ??specifically, the DTX900M, DTX700, DTX502, and DTXM12. It can be used in the studio or live; in concert settings, it is designed to stand up to the rigors of the road.

Key Features:

  • Solid metal die-cast body promotes durability
  • Chrome finish and lug-style design for clean, professional look
  • Small footprint and soft material for the head contact does not impede the acoustic drum sound
  • Compatible with Yamaha DTX900M, DTX700, DTX502, and DTXM12 modules