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Yamaha FC35 Foot Pedal for Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha FC35 Foot Pedal for Yamaha Digital Pianos

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The Yamaha FC35 presents a three-pedal solution tailored for a range of digital pianos, including the P-121, P-125, P-125a, P-225, P-515, P-525, P-S500, and DGX-670 models. This essential accessory provides the crucial damper, sostenuto, and soft pedal configuration, ensuring an authentic piano performance experience. Moreover, it enables the nuanced technique of half-pedaling, allowing for subtle adjustments in sound reverberation, thus enhancing your expressive capabilities during your musical performances.

The FC35 harmonizes seamlessly with your digital piano, boasting a sleek and straightforward design that effortlessly complements any home environment. With its anti-slip rubber base, you can trust that the pedal stay securely in place, even during vigorous use.