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Yamaha LC4WIFI KIT Wireless Kit For Music Lab System

Yamaha LC4WIFI KIT Wireless Kit For Music Lab System

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The LC4 Wireless Kit allows you to control your lab with an iPad!

The Wireless Kit includes networking hardware, connector cables and wireless headphones, allowing you to use the LC4 Controller App.  The exclusive Yamaha LC4 Controller App lets you position student icons in the app to match the physical layout of instruments in your lab. When using the hardware controller by itself without the app, you're limited to viewing only eight students at a time. But with the LC4 Controller App, all student icons can be seen and selected from one convenient interface.

Yamaha LC4WIFI KIT Wireless Kit For Music Lab System Key Features:

  • Enables wireless iPad control on the Yamaha LC4 Music Lab
  • Free LC4 Controller App remotely enables all hardware features of LC4
  • Position and name students to match the physical layout of your lab
  • Monitor students personally or in groups
  • Mute all students to make announcements
  • Broadcast 1 student to all other students
  • Take attendance and make notes directly within the app
  • Broadcast music to students from your Apple library
  • Includes networking hardware, cables, and wireless headphones
  • Supplied Wi-Fi station is preconfigured and ready to go
  • Compatible with iPads running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Not compatible with previous generations (LC2, LC3)