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Yamaha PSREW425 76-Key Touch-Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSREW425 76-Key Touch-Sensitive Portable Keyboard

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The Yamaha PSR-EW425 76-Key Touch-Sensitive Portable Keyboard is ideal for intermediate players ready to step up to the next level or advanced players looking for a lightweight instrument to compose and perform on the go. Great for exploring various styles of music, it offers an impressive set of easy-to-use features including two assignable control knobs, a Motion Effect button, and a pitch-bend wheel to manipulate your sound in real time. Quick Sampling, Groove Creator, and Arpeggiator functions along with a 1/4" microphone input for vocals, a USB audio/MIDI interface, and two onboard audio and MIDI recorders allow songwriters to compose and capture their performances on the fly. The powerful 24W speaker system offers a Mega Boost function that lets you crank up your sound when playing outdoors or in larger spaces.

With its extended 76-key keybed, the Yamaha PSR-EW425 allows you to play more complex piano pieces than you could on a 61-key keyboard. The full-size keys sense hard and soft playing and match the dynamics of each key stroke to accurately capture every nuance of your playing style. You can enjoy a full range of instruments with 820 high-quality acoustic and synth sounds including a high-resolution grand piano. The built-in 290 auto-accompaniment styles provide real-time band backing tracks based on the chords you play and in a variety of musical genres from around the world such as pop, rock, dance, jazz, R&B, salsa, and more.

The keyboard can be powered either via six D batteries (available separately) or by the included power adapter.

Unique Playing Experience with Live Controls

  • Two assignable Knobs allow you to manipulate various effects and parameters on sounds, auto-accompaniment, and more in real time, just like on an analog synthesizer.
  • Modify the sounds in your performance with Filter, Pitch, and Modulation effects while holding the Motion Effect button.
  • The pitch-bend wheel adjusts the pitch of the sound, adding expressivity to sounds like the guitar, sax, and trumpet.
  • Hold down the Articulation button to reproduce the sounds of playing techniques that are unique to specific acoustic instruments like guitars, flutes, sax, slap bass, and more.
  • Direct Category Access buttons let you instantaneous access the sounds and accompaniments you prefer for the musical genre of your choice.

820 High-Quality Sounds with 64-Note Polyphony

  • 820 high-quality instrument sounds including 294 panel voices, 28 drum/SFX kits, and 458 XGlite voices, all with 64-note polyphony.
  • Layer Mode: Not only can you play just one single sound, but you can layer a second sound over the first sound.
  • Split Mode: Allows you to play one sound on the left hand and a different sound on the right hand.

Real-Time Backing Tracks

  • 290 auto-accompaniment styles provide real-time band backing tracks (rhythm + bass + chord accompaniment) that you can control by simply playing root notes or chords with your left hand.
  • Smart Chord technology allows players of all levels to achieve complex chord harmony using only a few fingers, driving the Style engine to produce incredible-sounding ensemble accompaniments.

Capture Sounds and Play Them Back on Your Keyboard

  • With Quick Sampling, samples can be captured using the aux input, microphone input, or onboard USB audio interface, and played back as part of your performance:
  • Capture, edit, and playback up to 4 samples, max 9.6 sec/sample.
  • Normal: The pitch of the sound varies depending on the key you play.
  • Loop: The sample is played in a loop without changing the pitch.
  • One-shot: The sample is played only once without changing the pitch.

Create Music Like a DJ

  • With Groove Creator, you can lay down a beat, tweak the groove, adjust the mix, and create music like a DJ. Choose from 152 arpeggio phrases with the press of a single key, and quickly capture your inspiration with the 6-track MIDI recorder.
  • Create your own groove with intro, section change, and musical climax. By turning each track on/off, altering sections, or adding various effects using the live control knobs, you have real-time control of your own EDM tracks.
  • Once you have made a track you like, save it to a USB device as an audio file.

Plug in a Microphone and a Portable Music Player

  • The 1/4" microphone input allows you to connect a microphone, so you can sing along while you play. Hear your voice through the instrument's speakers, and even record your performance to USB audio. The built-in Melody Suppressor lowers the volume of vocals and melody lines of the original recordings, leaving that part open for you to play or sing.
  • The 3.5mm aux input allows you to connect your portable music player, Android/iOS device, mixer, or computer and uses the instrument's speakers to play back the audio and jam along your favorite songs.

Powerful 24W Speaker System with Mega Boost

  • The 12W+12W amplifiers power the high-definition speakers, delivering electrifying, crystal-clear sound, and offering solid support in standalone performance situations. The Mega Boost function lets you greatly increase your sound level by +6 dB at the press of a button.
  • Plug in headphones for quiet play at any time.

USB MIDI and USB Audio Interface for Connecting to Your Computer

  • The USB to Host terminal allows you to connect the keyboard to a computer or portable device and record MIDI or 16-bit / 44.1 kHz high-quality stereo audio without the need for an additional interface.
  • Record your performances to USB flash drives. The USB to Device port lets you load and save your settings and songs to a USB flash drive, as well as transfer data from your computer.

Included Accessories

  • Music Rest
  • Power Supply
  • Owner's Manual