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Yamaha Red Label FSX5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Matte with Bag

Yamaha Red Label FSX5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Matte with Bag

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The Yamaha Red Label FS5X Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural recalls the companyƒ??s now-legendary 1960s-era Nippon Gakki Red Label acoustic guitars. That said, itƒ??s been retooled to meet the demands of modern guitarists. A solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany body yield maximum resonance and tone, which are further enhanced by Yamahaƒ??s A.R.E. wood torrefication process. Updated scalloped bracing ensures a louder, more balanced tone. Whatƒ??s more, a bone nut and saddle augment the guitarƒ??s tone, giving it a loud, clear voice. Youƒ??ll also benefit from stellar plugged-in tone, courtesy of Atmosfeel electronics. A classic V-shaped headstock and eye-catching semi-gloss finish complete the Yamaha Red Label FS5X Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural.

Captures the essence of Yamahaƒ??s iconic Red Label guitars

Inspired by Yamahaƒ??s iconic Nippon Gakki Red Label guitars from the 1960s, FG Red Label instruments call to mind the look and feel of the companyƒ??s very first steel-string acoustic guitars. These sought-after instruments are cherished for their one-of-a-kind sound and high-end Japanese craftsmanship. Teeming with beautiful vintage aesthetics, the FG Red Label series enables you to experience the very essence of these legendary instruments, thanks to Yamahaƒ??s state-of-the-art wood conditioning techniques and true-to-life vintage sound. All FG Red Label guitars feature classic V-shaped headstocks with Yamahaƒ??s tuning fork logos, solid tonewoods, updated scalloped bracing, and eye-catching semi-gloss finishes.

Innovative construction yields a better guitar

The great tone and smooth playability of the Red Label FGX5 are enhanced by Yamaha's A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) wood torrefaction, which gives your guitar a broken-in and aged tone. By controlling the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity, the molecular properties of the wood are manipulated to mirror those of a guitar that has been played for years. Each FG Red Label series guitar also features a modified and updated scalloped bracing pattern that exhibits a louder, more balanced tone.

Solid spruce top for great tone

The choice of top wood can powerfully affect the sound of an acoustic guitar. For the Red Label FGX5, Yamaha chose a premium solid Sitka spruce top. Chosen as much for its look as its tone, the top has a well-rounded, articulate sound with excellent projection ƒ?? and its tone is only made better by Yamaha's A.R.E. wood torrefaction process. The guitar's solid mahogany back and sides provide exceptional bass and powerful punch, and they simply look great.

Atmosfeel electronics ensure first-rate plugged-in tone

The Red Label FGX5 is equipped with Yamahaƒ??s Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system. This innovative system lends a natural, three-dimensional sound to your guitar via a 3-way sensor setup. A piezo under-saddle sensor picks up sound where the strings meet the bridge, while an internal microphone captures the guitarƒ??s internal resonance and a sheet sensor picks up vibrations from its soundboard. A Mic Blend knob enables you to blend the mic signal with the piezo. A Bass EQ knob controls a peaking EQ ƒ?? the center frequency raises when boosting and lowers when attenuating. You also get a Master Volume control.

Yamaha Red Label FS5X Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides provide rich tone and projection
  • Solid mahogany back and sides provide exceptional bass and powerful punch
  • Traditional Western body style provides fantastic projection
  • A.R.E. process "ages" the wood molecules to match the tone of naturally aged guitars
  • Atmosfeel electronics lend a natural, three-dimensional sound via a 3-way sensor setup
  • Updated scalloped bracing pattern exhibits a louder, more balanced tone
  • Bone nut and saddle supply a loud, clear voice
  • Classic V-shaped headstock with Yamahaƒ??s tuning fork logo
  • Eye-catching semi-gloss finish