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Yamaha SEQTRAK OR Orange & White Mobile Music Ideastation

Yamaha SEQTRAK OR Orange & White Mobile Music Ideastation

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All-in-one sound, from AWM2 to FM, and beyond

The Seqtrak mobile music ideastation’s architecture rests on a dynamic, inspiring foundation of two sound engines. The AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) draws from numerous Yamaha mainstays to conjure a versatile world of authentic, lifelike sounds and a staggering 128-note polyphony. Channeling their innovation with the legendary DX7, Yamaha’s appointed a 4-operator FM engine to round out the Seqtrak foundation’s sonic dyad, encompassing dazzling leads, evocative pads, and much more. Sound design opportunities abound with the Seqtrak’s versatile suite of onboard FX, including reverbs, delays, and distortions to expand your sonic scope with style.

Detailed composition, sampling, and streamlined interfacing

Mobility lies at the heart of the Seqtrak’s design, and Yamaha’s designers spared no effort to ensure users have access to maximum sound-crafting opportunities ­— anywhere. Its sleek layout and ergonomic formfactor combine for a 3-part interface that intuitively delineates between composition tools, effects, and master controls. Built-in sequencing and sampling abilities, coupled with an onboard speaker and microphone, are complemented by a pair of powerful performance modes: Tracks and Patterns. These can all be freely combined and exchanged in real-time studio or stage environments, instantly muting, cueing, and remixing various aspects of your track to reimagine the wealth of sonic possibilities afforded by Seqtrak’s distinctive creative toolkit.

Go deeper with cutting-edge technology

While the rechargeable battery guarantees unfettered, on-the-go musical potential, our physical plane isn’t the only place Seqtrak dares to explore. Using the adjoining Seqtrak app, you’re able to engage with deep, granular editing capabilities that affect not just the scope of the onboard sound engines, but allow for custom audio samples, inspiring collaborative opportunities with other artists, and instant sharing to the world of Seqtrak sonic voyagers. Artistic empowerment doesn’t stop with audio, however, as the Seqtrak app boasts a unique Visualizer mode that can be further edited and honed for a full-spectrum audiovisual array. Plus, once you’re ready to head back to home base, flexible USB-C connectivity and the included MIDI breakout cable guarantee seamless integration into your studio setup.

Yamaha  SEQTRAK OR Orange & White Mobile Music Ideastation Key Features:

  • Ergonomic interfacing and rechargeable battery provide uncompromising on-the-go production power that won’t buckle in stage or studio settings
  • Intuitive 3-part layout allows you to move between production, performance, and composition stages to make real-time adjustments with ease
  • Dual-engine architecture deploys AWM2 and 4-operator FM engines to span an immense range of lifelike tones, evocative drums, soaring synth leads, and plenty more
  • 128-note polyphony guarantees depth and nuance with composition
  • LED backlighting supplies detailed, real-time feedback during writing and performance, allowing you to stay focused on your craft
  • Built-in microphone and speaker allow for endless sampling opportunities as you find inspiration on the move
  • Onboard FX comprising filters, reverbs, chord modes, variable polyphony, distortions, delays, and more empower dynamic tone-crafting and studio-caliber detail
  • Track and Pattern modes let you freely juggle performance and composition tools to accommodate virtually any creative setting
  • Adaptable connectivity includes a MIDI breakout cable and USB-C cable for painless interoperative integration with nearly any studio setup
  • Accompanying Seqtrak app provides greater depth and control of onboard sounds while granting access to a broader community to share and collaborate on your work
  • Seqtrak app’s Visualizer mode includes an editing suite to create comprehensive audiovisual works, all from your smart device and Seqtrak Ideastation
  • Distinctive constellation of additional functionality tools places buttons along the instrument’s outer edges, reducing visual clutter while streamlining high- and low-priority features