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Yamaha STORIA II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

Yamaha STORIA II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

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Invite music into your life with the stylish Yamaha STORIA II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural ƒ?? guitars that personalize any living space and invite creativity at a glance. With designs that evoke the natural colors of your day, STORIA guitars feature statement-making finishes and brilliant details like shimmering inlays, brass adornments, and eye-catching champagne-gold tuners. The STORIA guitar's accommodating body shape, slim neck, comfortable string height, and hand-rolled fingerboard edges make STORIA easy to pick up and play at any time.

Yamaha STORIA II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural delivers clear, yet rich tones with its one-of-a-kind aesthetic featuring a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany and ivory inlay, as well as semi-gloss finish.

Yamaha STORIA II Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural ƒ?? Key Features:

  • Unique Colors. The STORIA colors were carefully selected to bring a natural and appealing design element into the home.
  • Unique Rosette. Beautifully unique rosettes with vibrant silk-screened interior labels.
  • Champagne-Gold Tuners. Champagne-gold colored tuners add an eye-catching detail to the overall aesthetic of STORIA.
  • Brass Bridge Pins. Brass bridge pins bring additional sustain, thick midrange tone, and visual flare.
  • Solid Mahogany Top. Mahogany is known for its warm tone and strong midrange.
  • Mahogany Back and Sides. Mahogany has a slower transient response than other tonewoods, contributing to a warm and woody tone.
  • Walnut Fretboard. A dense, chocolate-brown colored wood that stands out both for its beauty and its brighter tone.
  • Passive Undersaddle Pickup. A passive pickup configuration designed to minimize the pickupƒ??s impact on the tone and traditional appearance of the instrument.
  • Narrower String Spacing. Narrow string spacing helps to make forming chords easier.
  • Lower Action. Players will find they don't need to exert as much pressure on the strings to form chords, which will help to alleviate hand pain for beginners.
  • Concert Body Size. A comfortable body size, slightly smaller than a full-size guitar.
  • Slim Neck. With hand-rolled fingerboard edges for a more comfortable playing experience.